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3 Steps to Start Building a Content Strategy

As a branding photographer, content strategy is a term you'll hear me speak about often. Why? Without it, you're just posting to post, blogging to blog, etc.

If we can nail down the WHY of our posts/blogs and how it will SOLVE problems for our audience, it'll keep you from hitting your head up against a wall (hopefully)

And I get that feeling.

You're thinking, "I'm posting! I'm blogging! I'm doing all the things!"

But you're content is lacking purpose. So, how can we fix that?

By building a content strategy!

And it's your lucky day because I've highlighted the 3 steps I do to create mine.

3 Steps to Start Building Your Content Strategy

#1 Target Audience - What are their struggles?

If you don't know, let's pause. Put yourself in your ideal clients' shoes, do a little research by talking to your audience on social media or reach out to current clients. Run some polls on your stories and see what's going on with your audience and what they're dealing with.

Write the struggles down with solutions that you can help them with.

#2 Create Content Themes - Create 4-8 content themes (that are directly related to your target audience's struggles.)

This could be: Behind-the-scenes, How-to's, Product Spotlights, Promotional, Your Offerings/Services, etc.

#3 Types of Content - 3 types for each theme

Think - Reels, Graphics, Photos, Blogs, E-mail, etc.

The goal at this point is to put that content into a monthly calendar.

Now, if you're anything like me - I need photos to tell my story and I want them to stand out and look like MY brand, not someone else's.

A branding shoot is a perfect way to create strategic content for your content strategy, look professional, look branded, stand out, and build trust with you audience. Now, I have to point out, not every photographer is a strategic branding photographer.

There are a lot of photographers out there - wedding, portrait, senior, family, newborn, etc...

Branding photographers are a different breed. We have a wealth of a knowledge about social media marketing, branding, and growing online.

Brand photos will also help save you a LOAD of time when you're creating blogs, e-mails, reels, stories, and posts for your content each week.

Anything for consistency and to save time, right?

Friend, I hope this blog was helpful and maybe answered some questions for you as you dive deep into your WHY for your content. It might seem like a lot at first, but follow those 3 steps, read this blog about 3 mistakes you might be making with your content, focus on consistency, and I promise it'll click.

It makes you more excited to jump into the marketing side of your biz. Don't be afraid of it, just remember one step at a time.

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