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Are You Making These 3 Mistakes With Your Content?

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

When it comes to growing your business on social media, posting here and there with no goals or strategy leads to a frustrated and tired individual. My first mistakes as a business owner was jumping the gun on my content without any plans. I guess I was hoping something would stick. But I've learned over the last 5 years working in the branding and social media marketing industry, that a plan is KEY to success. I've developed my own process and I hope it can help you too!

First and foremost, I want to make your life easier. My number one goal when creating my business was to help business owners build their brand and have killer content. And along the road to building and creating, you need some roadmaps. And I'm here to give you those!

"Please, tell me more!" - Probably you

Mistake #1: Not tying your content to a goal

Each quarter, I believe it's important to create goals for the next 90 days. Your revenue goals should dictate your content and marketing. And for that goal to be met, it needs to first be met with a strategy. So, if you don't have goals for your overall business, your content is lacking strategy and consistency. Which means, you're not making sales or not making the sales you want.

Solution: After you've nailed down your goals for quarter 2, take 1 day a week to sit down for 2-3 hours and make that your content day. "But Audrey, I don't have time to."

But you making content on the fly, out of the blue, in the parking lot at the grocery store - isn't it. As the CEO of your biz, making a day that's focused on creating your content is SO important when you want to grow and maintain.

So, how do I even build a content strategy?

Mistake #2: No Consistency

Going silent for days, weeks, months has you missing out on building trust and relationships with your audience.

If you want to win them over, you not only need to have goals and a strategy, but also consistency as well as cohesive content. So, you have that content calendar filled out...what's next?

  1. Create the content on your content days. Do this weekly like its a scheduled spa day you paid for.

  2. Download and organize your graphics and photos into separate folders (Blogs, Stories, Posts, Carousels, Graphics, etc.) Save the drafts for your reels if any. This makes it EASY to grab the content you need for that week or day.

  3. Use Later or Planoly to upload feed posts (I believe Later just now started allowing you to schedule carousel posts! FINALLY!)

  4. Spend a few minutes each day to engage, post, and engage again.

  5. Repeat.

Mistake #3: Low Quality Photos

There's more to brand photos than you think. Without them, I have just words and zero visuals. I need cohesive photos that tell my story and it needs to serve a purpose.

Have you ever came upon someone's instagram profile and their content was a mess? All over the place? Random? No consistency? It just looked like your messy room from when you were a kid. ALL OVER THE PLACE.

I know for me, it makes me feel icky and I tend to leave that person's profile without hitting the follow button. Think of your profiles like a storefront. You want to showcase your best, what you offer, and content that reflects your brand.

I want people to go to your socials and see EXACTLY who you are, what you do, your offers, and how you can help them.

This is why it makes me a little sad inside when someone works with a photographer who has ZERO branding and strategy knowledge. They've wasted money and TIME. If you want to GROW and leave an IMPACT, you need someone who knows what they're doing because these are Revenue Generated Images (aka make you money). Right?

And look, I just want to make your life easier. Fair enough?

If you've created your content strategy for the next month or quarter, and you're finding yourself needing quality branding photos to help you make graphics, posts, reels, and stories - Let's work together!

If you don't know me already, I'm Audrey. I own Audrey Creative - I'm a Branding Photographer who specializes in strategic photos for business owners, entrepreneurs, and creatives who want to market confidently and grow their biz. I can't wait to hear from you!

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