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Birmingham Realtor Brand Photoshoot | Nicole Tyler | Audrey Creative Branding Photographer

Birmingham Realtor | Nicole Tyler

Nicole and I worked together to create her new, professional content for her social media. She really wanted her brand to be approachable but also classic.

With realtors, I like to create as much variety as I can but also create images that can be used interchangeably for graphics, signage, flyers, website, and more.

Most realtors are saying the same thing, "Hey, let's buy or sell you a house." Right?

But how can we stand out from the crowd of thousands of other realtors? The right content.

By nailing down goals, your strategy, and staying consistent with branded content, you'll be able to make more of an impact on your audience, stop the scroll, and market confidently.

Read this blog for more detailed info: Are you making these 3 mistakes with your content?

Let's take a look at the branding photos we captured for Nicole:

How is Nicole using her branding photos? Click this post:


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